Patient Recruitment & Retention

Successful recruitment of patients is known to be one of the most challenging aspects in conduct of clinical trials.

The Barriers to Recruitment and Retention may be classified in four broad groups: 

  1.  Subject-Related Barriers
    e.g.appointment hours are not flexible, age of patients, disease status

  2.  Investigator-Related Barriers
    e.g. logistical and personal factor

  3.  Protocol-Related Barriers
    e.g. to tight eligibility criteria

  4.  “Other” Barriers
    e.g. advertising, understanding of recruited population, 


  • Patient recruitment is the leading barrier in conducting studies

  • 30% of sites enroll 1 or 0 patients

  • 6% of clinical trials are completed on time

  • 1 in 4 patients drop out before study completion

  • “Time to market” is key concern for sponsor

  • High cost for delays in getting drug to market

Patient needs to organize the travel to the investigating site on his own, cover it’s cost, then keep the receipt (or estimate the fuel cost when travelling by car) and have it reimbursed by Investigator (most common solution) or the CRO. That solution brings significant drawbacks.

  • Risk of undue influence on patient’s consent – patient receives cash from Sponsor of the trial.

  • Additional work for Investigators/CRO

  • Cost cannot be planned in advance in budget

  • Transportations issues / organization of transport

Our solution to overcome retention issues

Management of patient transportation to study sites

We have developed a system of management of patients transport to the study sites!

  • No issues concerning personal data of study subjects

  •  Higher patient retention

  • Fixed flat rate for patient/visit

  • Fixed budget for a study

  • Assistance for patients

  • Ability to travel with assisting person

  • Flexibility - travel schedule is updated in case of change in visit date

  • No more problems for patiens like:

    • inconvenient location, physical limitations to travel, financial constraints or forgeting visits

  • Clear and transparent conditions of the service