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Clinical Consulting understand how important, flexible and cost-effective personnel management is in the pharmaceutical industry. This is why we offer clinical research employee outsourcing.

Our company has been on the market of clinical research since 2004 and focuses on constant development in this field.

We are offering 3 main possibilities you can use:

  1. Standard Outsourcing
    You need us to do the job​

  2.  Source Outsourcing 
    You have already got someone you want to work for you

  3. Data Entry
    You need someone on the Site Team to enter data in a short-term manner


Description of our offer:

  1. Standard Outsourcing

You have got a project but need some more people to complete all trial related tasks?

Our team includes highly independent people with analytical minds, who pay attention to details and they can help you.

We offer services of: 

  • Clinical Research Associates

  • Clinical Trial Administrators

  • Regulatory Affair Specialists

  • Project Managers 


  • Working under your SOPs

  • Experience in many therapeutic areas

  • Familiar with all legal frameworks

  • Constantly, professionally trained

  • Work in our or client office

  • You can fill up gaps in your Team

  • Flexible minds

  • Ready to travel

  • In case of illness of our staff member we provide replacement 

  2. Source Outsourcing 
You have already found someone who met your standards and you want us to hire him?  We will perform all employee related liabilities. 

We are here! 

  • We contract your appointed people, from now on they work in our company

  • We train those people to do their best

  • We integrate whole team

  • Remuneration policy stays the same for all team 

  • Contracting  people you have appointed 


  • If your company starts recruiting, people appointed by you can be
    transferred  to your company

  • Routine verification of project knowledge

  • Safety in case of project changes

  • In case of illness of our staff member we provide replacement 

  3. Data Entry Service

We offer services of Site Coordinators who work as externally appointed team members and support Research Team at Sites. 

We offer external Site Coordinators who: 

  • Have practical knowledge of data entering and queries resolving

  • Have experience in working with site staff

  • Operate efficiently under pressure

  • Have well developed communication skills 

We all know that site staff is busy with work and do not always have time to enter all required data and answer queries that have arisen. When the database is going to be closed and everything has to be entered, completed and answered we are coming into action.  

What allows us to act in this matter:

  • Analytical thinking

  • Curiousness

  • Flexibility

  • Paying attention to details

High level of

organizational skills

and curiousness 

Performance in a

short-term manner 


backgrounds and


‘Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much’

Helen Keller