International Clinical Trials Day

May 5, 2017


The first early ‘fair test’ is assumed to be the first randomized Clinical Trial conducted in May, 1747 by Edinburgh’s surgeon James Lind who wanted to treat scurvy and save lives of 12 sailors. Scurvy was thought to have killed more British sailors than French and Spanish army. Lind wanted to cure his patients with acid because he thought the illness is caused by putrefaction of the body.

James Lind allocated two men to each of six different treatments for fourteen days. Groups were treated by:

  • 1.1 L of cider,

  • 25 mL diluted sulphuric acid,

  • 18 mL of vinegar three times throughout the day before meals,

  • half a pint of sea water,

  • two oranges and one lemon continued for six days only (when the supply was exhausted);

  • medicinal paste made up of garlic, mustard seed, dried radish root and gum myrrh.

*The James Lind Library


Lind did not state which method of allocation to groups was used but his report shows his understanding of the need to guard against selection bias.

The best visible effects were observed in a group receiving lemons and oranges.

Lind is recognized for ‘comparing like to like’ in thought of treatments comparing.

It was 270 year ago and from that day near 20th May we celebrate the International Day of Clinical Trials.

All over the world conferences, meetings and seminars are conducted to expand knowledge about clinical trials.


Polish celebration of International Clinical Trials Day:

May, 12 2017 – Celebrating 35th anniversary of Bioethics Committee activity - Jagiellonian University

Place: International Cultural Center, Rynek Głowny 25, Cracow

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

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May, 25 2017 - International Clinical Trials Day on Warsaw Medical University

Place: Warsaw Medical University, ul. Ks. Trojdena 2a, Warsaw

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