CRSN Services


Collaboration and transparency are core CRSN values and we believe in developing strong partnerships with our clients and vendors.




  • Feasibility
    We conduct a rapid analysis of the capabilities of research sites, assessing the feasibility of a project at a given facility. Our coordinators, with extensive knowledge of staff experience, equipment, etc., support investigators in completing project qualification questionnaires. Key information on the number of potential participants in the study, we gain thanks to effective search tools available at medical databases. Our broad network can also provide valuable feedback on the protocol, highlighting where the study may encounter real-world challenges and offering recommendations to overcome them.


  • Site Identification
    For each individual study, the CRSN rapidly identifies and prequalifies appropriate sites. We have detailed information about the research centers of our network, including: Experienced researchers and their team, availability to a particular patient group, recruitment  opportunities. Identification of appropriate investigators from the network is completed within 1 week or less.

  • Negotiations of contracts and regulatory affairs
    Cooperation with our sites will unify and shorten the process of contracting with the Sponsor. Our Legal Department ensures compliance with local law while fulfilling the sponsor's expectations.


  • Per Patient Budgets
    The CRSN helps our clients build estimates based on patients during the planning phase of a study. Feedback can be turned around to our clients in 2 weeks or less. For certain studies, our sites will agree to one, centrally negotiated per patient  budget and common contract language in order to streamline the negotiating process and decrease study start up time lines.


  • Quality Assurance
    We take great care and effort to ensure the right quality standards within our network. Each member of the research team is trained in Good Clinical Practice, Standard Process and current legal requirements. In pursuit of the standardization of all processes at our centers, we have introduced Standard Procedures. Network research centers are in constant collaboration with our coordinators.


  • Call Center
    Patient recruitment is often the most challenging aspects of a clinical trial. To meet this challenge, CRSN offers call center services for recruitment, retention, and compliance purposes.

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