About us

Clinical Consulting was founded in 2004 and provides clinical operation services in Poland and is focused on managing clinical trials phase I - IV.


We have achieved rapid growth and we are continuing it to this day. Our services are based on focus we give to our customers, growing and progressing experience, reliability and resources.



Clinical Consulting is distinguished among others because:


  • Quality - We know how extremely important is quality for you and we all know that quality is made by people. That is why all our staff undergo very extensive and continuous training and Quality Control.

  • Team - our team and people we work with are the most important part for us. We appreciate all our employees and
    trust them in their area of experience.


  • Clinical Sites Network - we closely work with many investigators in different therapeutic areas. We know them and train on GCP and recruitment management, what guarantees excellent quality of the sites as well as rapid and high recruitment. Your short timelines will be always met! Think, perhaps they can be even shorter.


  • Medical & Science - best physicians and scientists work with us

We are a part of MedSilesia!

Silesian Cluster of Medical Devices

MEDSILESIA is an effective partner of the business communities, self-governments and science affecting the shape of medical industry at national and international level.


Ensuring effective platform for collaboration – dialogue between enterprises, research and development units. Effective use and combination of the potentials of all parties to implement innovative solutions, transfer and absorption of knowledge and experience, implementation of joint projects affecting the global value chain.

Cluster cooperates with numerous institutions and initiatives, implementing projects and ventures affecting the potential of its members. We are continuously improving the competences of our members – it’s people create innovative ideas.

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